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For most of us, our home is our largest investment. Protect that investment by making sure your home has been seismically retrofitted. Seismic retrofitting is a simple process of attaching the wood framing of your house down to it’s foundation. This not only protects your home, but your family as well.

It is estimated that more than 125,000 homes within the city of Seattle are not retrofitted, and projected that there are another 125,000 more in the surrounding cities and communities. These homes are resting on their foundations, held in place by nothing but gravity. Unfortunately, the Pacific Northwest is extremely unprepared for a catastrophic earthquake.

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Across the retrofit industry, there is an acronym used known as the ABC’s of retrofitting; Anchor, Brace, and Connect. There are three major weaknesses in the way homes typically fail during major earthquake events. We address these weaknesses by attaching the the first floor framing platform that you walk on down to the concrete foundation.

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Our Retrofitting Process
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The first step is to install anchor bolts through the mudsill, attaching the framing to the foundation. This process prevents any lateral movement.

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Installing plywood shear panels braces the pony walls and prevents it from racking or folding over during an earthquake.

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We attach shear transfer ties connecting the rim joist to the top plate or mudsill, preventing any lateral shifting.

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We’ll assess your home and put together an engineering-driven plan to keep your family safe.
Who We Are

Evergreen Seismic is a family owned and operated company that specializes in earthquake retrofitting and consulting to primarily residential, and some commercial buildings. With over 20 years of construction experience, 18 of which are specific to seismic retrofitting, Evergreen Seismic not only serves residents within the city of Seattle, but also the surrounding areas. We are proud to serve Seattle and King County, as well as surrounding Snohomish, Pierce, Skagit, and Kitsap counties. Evergreen represents the state of Washington. We serve anyone within our region.

About Evergreen Seismic
Meet The Owner

Established in 2018, Evergreen Seismic was created by owner, Matt Robinson. Matt grew up in the small town of Skykomish, WA, a town with a population of 250, where he graduated high school. He attended college following, but grew up with a passion and desire to someday own his own construction company, and has recently realized that dream.

Matt started out working at Merkava Construction, a house lifting and moving company. He later moved on and worked for the largest seismic retrofit coorporation in Seattle for nearly a decade. There he started as a carpenter, and eventually grew to become Project Manager in his final years. Matt has over 20 years of general construction experience, which consists of roofing; framing; siding; drywall; concrete foundation work; house lifting and additional skills. He has over 18 years in the retrofit field, and has owned Evergreen Seismic for over two years.

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