Who We Are

Evergreen Seismic is a family owned and operated company that specializes in earthquake retrofitting and consulting to primarily residential, and some commercial buildings. With over 20 years of construction experience, 18 of which are specific to seismic retrofitting, Evergreen Seismic not only serves residents within the city of Seattle, but also the surrounding areas. We are proud to serve Seattle and King County, as well as surrounding Snohomish, Pierce, Skagit, and Kitsap counties. Evergreen represents the state of Washington. We serve anyone within our region.

Our Mission

Our mission at Evergreen Seismic is to provide the highest quality of service, along with affordable prices. We take great pride in our work, and customer safety and satisfaction is our number one goal. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and completing every job to perfection. We pride ourselves in setting expectations and deliver this promise. Our clients demand and deserve excellence and we are committed to meet these expectations each and every time. We offer the experience of hundreds of retrofit installations, along with the highest quality products, valuable design and engineering, and stellar results. From start to finish, we would like each customer to experience the Evergreen experience.

The New Yorker article, The Really Big One, written by Kathryn Schultz, scared many people and resulted in an extremely high demand for seismic retrofitting in the Seattle area. With very few retrofit companies in existence at the time, and a high demand for their services, we decided to start Evergreen Seismic to help level the playing field, and bring the market back to a reasonable price so all could afford the same safety advantages.

Meet The Owner

Established in 2018, Evergreen Seismic was created by owner, Matt Robinson. Matt grew up in the small town of Skykomish, WA, a town with a population of 250, where he graduated high school. He attended college following, but grew up with a passion and desire to someday own his own construction company, and has recently realized that dream.

Matt started out working at Merkava Construction, a house lifting and moving company. He later moved on and worked for the largest seismic retrofit coorporation in Seattle for nearly a decade. There he started as a carpenter, and eventually grew to become Project Manager in his final years. Matt has over 20 years of general construction experience, which consists of roofing; framing; siding; drywall; concrete foundation work; house lifting and additional skills. He has over 18 years in the retrofit field, and has owned Evergreen Seismic for over two years.

In addition, Matt has been assisting in teaching the Home Retrofit Class for the Office of Emergency Management- a free course offered monthly, providing information to homeowners to help them prepare their homes for potential earthquakes. His experience has been supplemented by additional training at the University of Washington and working closely with pioneers in the field of retrofit.

Matt has a passion for helping people improve their homes, and takes great pride in his work. He has a great eye for detail; impeccable communication; and will leave your home better than he found it, ensuring that you are left 100% satisfied from beginning to end.

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