Don’t Be the Last to Seismic Retrofit your Foundation

Don’t Be the Last to Seismic Retrofit your Foundation

As our world continues to urbanize at an unprecedented pace, the number of people living in seismically active areas is rising. This means that the chance of experiencing a devastating earthquake is also increasing. However, some measures can be taken to help protect against earthquake damage — such as retrofitting buildings to improve their seismic performance. Seismic foundation retrofitting in Seattle is the process of strengthening a structure to have a better chance of withstanding the shaking caused by an earthquake. 

The goal is to reduce the damage that an earthquake can cause and ensure that the building remains functional after the event. Many different techniques can be used for seismic retrofitting, and the most appropriate approach will depend on the type of building and its existing condition. 

Seismic Foundation Retrofitting: Will You Be Ready?

Standard seismic retrofit methods include adding bracing or shear walls, installing base isolation systems, and retrofitting column capital beams. When done correctly, seismic retrofitting can significantly reduce the risk of damage during an earthquake. Retrofitting is often required by building codes in areas of high seismic risk and is also usually recommended for older buildings that were not designed to withstand earthquakes.

In many cases, retrofitting can add years to the life of a building and help to protect the safety of occupants during an earthquake.

We Can Fix Your Foundation Without Breaking the Bank

As our world becomes increasingly vulnerable to seismic activity, it is crucial to be prepared. Seismic foundation retrofitting is one way to help protect against earthquake damage. It should be seriously considered by those who live in seismically active areas — especially in Seattle, WA. Evergreen Seismic can assess your property and fill you in on how you can keep your property — and, more importantly, your family — safe from earthquake damage. Call us at (206) 984-2580.

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