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When it comes to your home, you want to know that it is secure against various natural disasters that can occur. One of those that you want to make sure you’re secure against is earthquakes. For those especially on the west coast, it’s important to discuss Puyallup earthquake retrofitting specialist services with the experts here at Evergreen Seismic. Houses built in the early 70s or earlier must be retrofitted to secure them. Even homes built up to 1980 were not attached to the foundation. That’s where we come in.

Why Is Retrofitting Necessary?

There are multiple benefits to retrofitting the home. For starters, your home will be brought up to the safety standards of today’s homes. When you have earthquake insurance, it doesn’t always provide protection when a quake happens. Even if you have a quake that destroys the home beyond livability, you must continue to make mortgage payments on the home.

Working with a pro team to have retrofitting performed can help.

What Is Retrofitting?

This is where a specialist comes into the home and helps to secure the building to the foundation. For example, we anchor the home to the foundation itself through bolts or items called foundation plates. We ensure all pony walls are secured with plywood and connect them to the rim joist in your flooring system.

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