Earthquake & Seismic Fastening – Securing Possessions & Worksafe Products Mercer Island

Earthquake proofing the home is more than simply having the building retrofitted to keep it secure to the foundation. One of the biggest hazards during an earthquake is the items in the actual home. It is important to consider earthquake & seismic fastening – securing possessions & worksafe products in Mercer Island with Evergreen Seismic. Our team has been helping homeowners for years to retrofit their homes to make sure it’s safe should a quake happen. Living in the west, it’s inevitable that it will.

Items In The Home

Items such as bookshelves, artwork, and even water heaters can cause issues when the home is shaken. Shelves can fall over, trapping people in the home or injuring them. Artwork on the walls can come crashing down. Water heaters can even fall over, causing damage. Working with one of our specialists can help you secure those items with worksafe products.

We can bolt the items to the wall using the best technology and attachments available on the market. This allows you to have peace of mind whenever the shaking starts. Living in an area prone to earthquakes doesn’t mean you have to live in fear all the time. You simply need to take steps to prepare your home and your family.

Our technician will come to the residence, evaluate your home, and provide a plan and estimate of the items to be secured down. This helps you know what to do and make an informed decision on how to proceed.

If you are ready to discuss earthquake & seismic fastening – securing possessions & worksafe products in Mercer Island, reach out to our office today. Set up your consultation by calling (206) 984-2580 for an appointment.

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