Earthquake / Seismic Retrofit To Attach Foundation To House Langley

Living in an area, such as the west coast, that is prone to earthquakes means there are a few more steps you want to consider in protecting your investment. That is where services for earthquake/seismic retrofit to attach foundation to house in Langley can help. Here at Evergreen Seismic, we provide expertise in helping you to make sure your home is protected at all times.

Homes built before 1980 are not secured to the foundation they sit on. That’s a flaw in the design that needs to be rectified by retrofitting the home. By taking time to work with the pros, you can protect your home whenever the shaking starts.

What Is Retrofitting?

This is where our technicians will attach the foundation to the home. This helps it to keep up with the safety standards of today. We do this with anchors or bolts that connect crippling walls to the floors and foundation to give the home more stability.

Attaching the foundation to the home is vital for protecting your investment and the items inside. For example, homeowners may be removed from their homes due to damage from an earthquake. It may be deemed dangerous to live in. However, you still have to make mortgage payments on the home even when you can’t live there. That can cause real trouble. Having your foundation secured means you have more stability, protection, and even more options than simply having earthquake insurance.

Give the office a call at (206) 984-2580 to discuss earthquake/seismic retrofit to attach the foundation to the house in Langley with one of the professional technicians. We help answer all of your questions and provide you with the service you need to protect your home.

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